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Stephen Kovach is known for his many accomplishments: successful entrepreneur and money manager, champion amateur bodybuilder, environmentalist, and human rights advocate. He strongly supports equal-pay and equal rights, he is vehemently opposed to all forms of pollution and environmental degradation, and he is a voice against injustices towards those who are disabled.


Stephen worked as a bio-medical engineer for 7 years before switching his focus to finance. He began his investment career in 1993 with A.G. Edwards & Sons as a floor runner on the NYSE. Later, he worked for Charles Schwab and Co. before founding Global Advisers, LLC. After losing many close friends in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City he transitioned Global Advisers from a commission-based firm to an advisory-based investment and wealth management firm. In 2009, under his supervision, his team launched iCore, or Intelligent Core, which provides investors with ultra-low-fee options for creating long-term investment portfolios. Since its inception, iCore has largely outperformed both the benchmarks, and other leading comparable asset class mutual funds and ETFs from Vanguard, Schwab, Goldman Sachs, PIMCO and others. The following year, he focused on launching Galleon Financial Planning, which offers low-fee planning services for investors, businesses, and organizations.


In 2011, in response to the growing need for low-fee, sustainable investments, his firm launched several ESG accounts, which focuses on impact investing and sustainability. This work is particularly aligned with Stephen’s interests in both finance and environmental sciences, and it remains one of his primary areas of focus.


Stephen is also an avid researcher with primary interests in environmental science, climate change, health care policy, behavioral finance, leadership, management, and organizational behavior. In particular, his primary research interests focus on (1) the economic evaluation of health programs and the optimization of health care delivery systems; and (2) how behavioral finance affects consumers, financial markets, and organizations.  He brings to his research a broad understanding of health policy, Congressional politics, extensive training in resource allocation, economic evaluation, cost-effectiveness analysis, decision theory, simulation, and behavioral, as well as practical skill in managing and executing applied research. He has developed mathematical models to estimate the financial, economic, social, and cultural impact of market volatility and related federal regulatory policies. He has conducted economic impact studies of corporate behavior on populations in developing countries such as South Africa, and he has presented his research on the economic and health consequences of corporate responsibility in South Durban to peer-reviewed boards of large U.S.-based universities.


Stephen also devotes some of this time to screen and play writing, and is simultaneously working on a Broadway theatrical play and a movie script. His genre focuses around fiction, but he has also worked on self-improvement books for personal finance.


In 2019, Stephen founded, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals worldwide realize a level of human dignity consistent with international human rights laws. GHRCs mission is to raise awareness among both developed and developing nations regarding their citizens rights, and try to raise funds to help people improve their quality of life. He also founded, a global non-profit organization dedicated to fighting animal abuses such as poaching, deforestation, illegal sales, and other top-level issues.


In addition, Stephen is also a former top-ranked amateur bodybuilder. In 1989, he won the Mr. Pennsylvania competition, and later when on to compete for his pro card between 1990-1993. An automobile accident ended his competition status, but he continues to advise athletes who are interested in fitness, strength training, and bodybuilding.
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