August 11, 2020

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Business Essentials is an immersive, 10-week carefully vetted program designed to introduce important business concepts and methods to high-school students who intend to go on to college and want to develop a solid understanding of core topics they will encounter both in business and as an undergraduate. The program guides you with several video case studies and interactive activities, and culminates in a final, written case study analysis.
The Case Method
The Case Method is widely used by most business schools because it places the student in the role of the decision maker, thus helping them provide solutions through the dynamic process of exchanging perspectives, countering and defending points, and building on ideas. The goal of the case method is to help students become adept at analyzing issues, exercising judgment, and making difficult decisions. In Module IV, we focus entirely on the case method. You will view several video case studies, select one, analyze and discuss it, and submit a written analysis and solution to the problem(s) it presents.
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Module I
The program begins with an overview of important topics in finance and leadership. It's designed to help you reflect on important issues that you will encounter in every business. We also begin with an introduction to case analysis using real data.
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Finance I
The Time Value of Money
Modern Portfolio Theory
Working Capital
Case Study 1
What is Leadership?
Power and Influence
Management Models
Case Study 2
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Module II
In this module we focus on marketing strategies, methods of analysis, and global marketing case studies. We also consider how organizations define themselves through culture, values, and internal structures; and why managing risk is vital in order to mitigate unforeseen problems. 
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Marketing Strategy
Marketing Analysis
Global Marketing
Case Studies 3 & 4
Organizational Development
Organizational Structure and Design
Organizational Culture and Values
Risk Management
Case Study 5 & 6
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Module III
Module III continues with a study of important methods in finance, including essential financial accounting measurements that all businesses utilize. We also introduce strategic management and development concepts, including case studies and literature.
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Finance II
Capital Structure
Corporate Finance
Financial Statement Analysis
Case Study 7
Introduction to Strategic Development
Case Study 8
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Module IV
In Module IV we focus entirely on applying the concepts learned in Levels I through III to actual cases. You will have the opportunity to analyze video case studies, and prepare a short, written analysis of the case using terminology and techniques from the program. 
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Case Analysis
Cases by Topic
Cases by Company