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In order to do well in college, you will need to hone your reading and analytical skills, develop superior writing skills, and overcome your fears and anxieties about writing papers. If you want to learn how to get A's on your college papers, this course is for you because it fulfills the immediate goal of becoming a better writer by preparing you for the kinds or reading and academic writing you are likely to encounter in undergraduate coursework. You will write and revise three essays ranging from the reflective to the analytics to the argumentative. In these essays, you will have the opportunity to write about your personal experiences, to address and question sources, to interpret texts, and to defend your interpretation with textual analysis and comparison. You will learn how to polish your prose, persuade others, and practice the process of drafting and revising to develop your authority and confidence as a writer. You will be able to apply your improved writing skills immediately when drafting that all-important personal statement to include with your college applications.


The primary goal of this course is to help high-school students acquire the attitudes and skills needed to meet the expectations and demands of academic writing in college. Academic writing requires students to read and think critically, recognizing the complexity of issues and ideas; to tolerate and welcome that complexity; and to be dissatisfied with simple solutions and simplistic writing. Ultimately, you will produce papers that reflect complexity with a clarity of thought that engages readers. Students will keep reading journals, participate in online group discussions, and complete short papers that reflect their understanding of the material and concepts.

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