Professional Experience

 Wall Street Global Advisers, LLC

Executive Officer, Operations

Wall Street Global Advisers, LLC

Apr 2008 – Present

Philadelphia, PA


Among the many tasks that I have worked on include the development of an inventory system utilizing macros, pivot tables, and other functions in Excel; the implementation of a strategic business development program designed to drive new sales, and foster existing relationships; and the management of a staff of advisers, sales professionals, and wealth managers, all of whom were required to meet and exceed quarterly sales quotas. The previously mentioned Excel-based inventory system was ultimately optimized via the development by the IT department to a web-based system, of which I worked closely to oversee its completion. Regarding the business development program, our team was able to consistently attract and maintain new clients through a rigorous, proactive out-reach program that included networking, marketing, social media campaigns, online advertising, and other endeavors designed to increase overall brand awareness. The results of my efforts are measurable. We exceeded our sales goals by nearly 20% annually, and even more so during difficult market conditions. And, we developed a new and highly functional website that allows our clients to communicate with us securely on virtually any desktop or mobile device, check their account balances, and access a highly complex, yet easy-to-use online trading system that connects to more than 25 global markets in nearly every country worldwide. Together, these innovations optimized our clients experience, and led to a better relationship between the clients and the firm.

VP, Client Management and Business Development

Affinnova, Inc.

Jun 2007 – Oct 2008

Waltham, MA


I was responsible for developing partnerships with B and C level executives at Fortune 500 companies in politics, financial services, pharmaceutical, and health care. The success of these partnerships depended on my ability to manage a cross-functional team of market researchers, design technologists, survey analysts, and statisticians who collectively prepare data that exceeds the client’s expectations. Another key aspect of my role was to advise clients on appropriate marketing research methodologies based on their needs, and recommend appropriate solutions for new product development, price elasticity analysis, branding, co-branding and messaging. Vital to this process was my ability to scope projects, write proposals, and recommend the appropriate methodologies (i.e. evolutionary study, conjoint, price testing, etc).

The results of my work yielded over 115 meetings with B and C level executives at Fortune 500 companies in various industries, including pharmaceutical, financial services, and healthcare. In turn, this resulted in establishing new contract business with many companies that were previously unattainable, thus enhancing the company’s reputation, and increasing its annual revenue. In July 2008, the company officially launched its Optimize 08 Campaign, where voters were able to optimize the ideal Vice-Presidential candidate from a list of hundreds of possible choices. My work on the campaign included advising the team on the survey, and introducing the results at the national American Association of Political Consultants conference to hundreds of political consulting firms. The campaign was a huge success and it received a significant amount of attention from the media.

Market Research Analyst


Jun 2006 – Jun 2007

Boston, MA


As a Market Research Analyst working in higher education, I was responsible for managing and conducting qualitative and quantitative primary and secondary research to support the custom research needs of the firm’s clients (Dean’s, Provosts and VP’s of Marketing at schools of higher education) using a variety of methodologies, including conjoint analysis, focus groups, competitive and pricing analysis, and phone interviews. I was also responsible for creating and implementing customer surveys utilizing survey software. The results of the survey were analyzed with SPSS, and collectively, the final deliverable product was either a short, 8-10 page report, or a longer 20-25 page report that included market segmentation analysis, cluster analysis, and pricing analysis, combined with a detailed written report that assessed the current market conditions, competition, and potential future demand for traditional, continuing, and executive education products and services. Part of this assessment included economic benchmarking based on supply and demand elasticity. The report, which was distributed to Deans and Provosts at colleges and universities throughout the US, included recommendations based on key economic, political, and social findings. Clients included Harvard University, University of Connecticut, and Long Island University. The reports also included an executive summary and recommendations for future research. In addition, I contributed to large-scale collaborative research that involved current trends national and regional trends in higher education.

Research Associate

Harvard Kennedy School

May 2004 – May 2006

Cambridge, MA


Working as a Research Assistant for various professors at Harvard University, my responsibilities were to conduct statistical economic, policy, and historical research on international governments and organizations, local historical events, and sociological testing as needed depending on grant funding. In order to accommodate the research requests of the primary researchers, I utilized a combination of statistical software, such as SPSS and STATA, and MS products such as Excel, Word, Access and Power Point. By utilizing Harvard’s Global Financial Databases, Lexis-Nexis, and other Global Market Information Databases, and applying a variety of research methods to raw data, I was able to create new methods for determining socioeconomic conditions within federacy arrangements, for example, that supported theories for a book (in production) that identifies parity points where nations are likely to seek succession

Investment Manager

Charles Schwab

Jan 2001 – Jul 2002

Burlington, MA

One of the primary duties of a financial service professional is to ensure that the client’s needs and goals are always put first, and to provide each client with sufficient market data and advice in order to make informed choices on his or her investment portfolio. As an Investment Manager, I was responsible for developing new business through a variety of methods including prospecting, strategic sales management, and networking. In addition, I oversaw portfolio development and management for hundreds of clients based on asset allocation models that included a mixture of equity and debt securities, mutual funds, and derivatives. I also conducted cost/benefit analyses of international investment opportunities; and I developed product, sales, and marketing training for financial advisors, which included education on technical and fundamental analysis. The results of my work included managing $110 million in private client assets for over 200 clients, and securing over $5 million of new client assets into the firm each quarter. In addition, I was able to bring new 401k business into the firm, which increased branch assets and subsequent revenue. crisis.


Harvard Business School

Field(s) Of Study – Economics for Managers, Financial Accounting, Business Analytics
2016 – 2017

The HBX Core program at the Harvard Business School focuses on business fundamentals associated with business thinking. It includes intensive coursework in Economics for Managers, Financial Accounting, and Business Analytics.

Harvard University

Master of Liberal Arts
Field Of Study Government
Grade 3.74
2012 – 2014

The Masters Degree Program in Government at Harvard helped me build an understanding of government’s role in relation to economics, education, ethics, history, law, philosophy, and sociology. Through this program, I gained crucial theoretical and practical insights into governance and other challenges of governmental and nongovernmental administration. It allowed me to explore political practice and theory, and analyze political behavior, cultures, and systems, and it culminated in my Masters Thesis Title: “Improving Financial Security through Federally Established Educational Requirements for Investment Professionals“, where I explain how stringent educational requirements for investment professionals could help in preventing another financial crisis.

Harvard University

Bachelor of Liberal Arts
Field Of Study Government
GPA 3.24
1999 – 2005
Dean’s List

Bachelor of Liberal Arts program at Harvard provides a well-rounded academic foundation, through a blend of courses in traditional liberal arts fields and focused subject areas, such as business management and administration, computer science, international relations, government, economics, and psychology. The program also emphasizes effective verbal and written communication skills to convey views and opinions in academic and professional contexts, and helps students develop the ability to think critically across a variety of subjects, fostering an informed, independent worldview.

University of Oxford

Undergraduate Advanced Diploma in Local History
Field Of Study Quantitative Historical Research
Grade – Second Honors (2.1)
2005 – 2006

The Advanced Diploma in Local History is a one-year part-time course which aims to train students in key concepts and methods of historical studies. The course is at FHEQ Level 6, equivalent to study in the third year at a university in the UK.

HMDC Harvard-MIT Data Center

STATA Statistical Software Applications Program
2004 2005

RETS Electronics School

AS, Computer Science, Digital Communications and Media
GPA 3.82
1986 – 1988