July 12, 2020

Global Health Challenges

Global Health Challenges

Story Highlights

  • Modules: 1
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Format: Online
  • Time: On Demand

Course Overview

This is an introductory course in the principal health problems of the world’s populations. It focuses on the major challenges to improving health at a global level. It explores inter-disciplinary factors that account for these health patterns, ranging from their physiological basis to their economic, social and political context. In this course, we explore the basics of infectious diseases, risk factors, health system performance, and the role of international agencies. Throughout the course, we look at what we currently know about global health problems. Students are encouraged to think creatively about the nature of these problems and ways to solve them. You will write one (1) essay, participate in an online discussion group, and complete several short online quizzes.

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