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April 17, 2020

Program Overview

Thousands of students have perfect perfect high school transcripts and test scores. Unfortunately, perfect grades and test scores only go so far when you are competing against many other thousands of highly-qualified candidates. Before you apply to a top ranked college or major research university for undergraduate study, you need to strategically differentiate yourself. Selective undergraduate institutions seek applicants with exceptional character and integrity, academic motivation and aptitude, sound judgment, demonstrated leadership, and effective team working skills. But how do you correctly depict these traits in your application? How do you present persuasive and conclusive evidence of these characteristics?
Successful applicants to the best colleges address these important factors beginning late in their sophomore or early in their junior year of high school. Doing so ensures that when you are ready to craft your personal statement, which is a highly critical aspect of building a persuasive case for admission to a selective college or university, you’ll have already completed the criterion needed for a successful application.

Discovering a way to distinguish yourself in a very crowded field of impressive candidates may be a more daunting challenge that you anticipate. This highly individualized program helps you understand and prepare for the rigors of the college application process. It focuses on “you” and what you bring to the table, and helps you develop your own skills through proper selection of activities, research, community services, and other vital aspects needed to stand out in the crowd.
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