My research focuses on the areas where economics, government policy, psychology, behavioral finance, and sustainable investing intersect.

I strive to explain (1) why both retail and institutional investors make decisions regarding their investment capital; (2) how corporations manage their ESG responsibilities; and (3) the effects of sustainable investing decisions by individual and institutional investors on the environment.

Specific areas of focus include: Capitalism, Climate Change, Corporate Governance, Divestment, Environmental Governance, Financial Innovation, Fossil Fuels, Free-Riding, Globalization, Government Policy, Indebtedness, Investors, Populism, Private Sector, Public Sector, Responsible Investment, Skepticism, Stagnation, and Substitution.


My research methodology combines traditional behavioral research methods with quantitative, fundamental, and technical investment methods.
Experimental Method. Control Group and Experimental Group. Types of Experimental Method.
Observational Method. Types of Observations.
Case Study.
Correlational Research.
Content Analysis. Conceptual Analyses. Relational Analyses.
Survey Research Method.