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The Boston Port Bill, one of the four Coercive Acts of 1775, closed Boston Harbor to all trade and commerce, thereby affecting the local job market. Although Parliamentary laws negatively affected all of the Colonies, Boston’s economy, which relied heavily on its shipping industry, was particularly affected. How did the local job market affect the formation of America? What explains the social and economic origins of the American Revolution? This course concentrates on the social, economic, and occupational conditions between 1770 and 1775. Students will write 3 short papers that analyze the social and economic conditions during this period and explains how such conditions led to the American Revolution.


This course explores the development of American constitutional government, beginning with the drafting and ratifying of the state and federal constitutions in the 1770s and 1780s, problems of individual liberty versus government power, state rights, race and slavery, war powers, and pluralism. Students will write 2 essays and also participate in an online group discussion.


This course explores the development of the United States Constitution since the Civil War. Some of the nation's most troubling Constitutional issues were settled by the Civil War, but it also raised others. Who are citizens of the U.S.? What rights do they have under the Constitution? Who should protect these rights? What powers should the different branches of government have? How can these powers be exercised, and how can they be controlled? These are the major Constitutional questions since the Civil War. Students will write 2 essays and complete an online quiz.

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